Support free and open standards everywhere in all Europe, especially by administrations and states
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On the content of EIF v2.0, I ask

  1. that EIF v2.0 recommends the use of open standards, as defined in the definition given by EIF v1.0 for all exchanges by public institutions and states, as did the EIF v1.0 document,
  2. that EIF v2.0 recommends the use of free and open source software, by public institutions and states, as did the EIF v1.0 document,
  3. that EIF v2.0 recommends the use of open standards for all communications ( eg. documents, videos, sounds …) they publish, to and with the public for example on their websites, by the public institutions in Europe, at the European Commission and all the member states, and conform to open standards for the tools they provide,

On the elaboration process of EIF v2.0, I ask

  1. for the explicite public consultation during a sufficiently long time, for example one year, for the redaction of such an important report as EIF v2.0,
  2. for the explicite participation of SMEs and a majority of members states for such a consultation and document redaction.

The campaign herein asks you to do 3 (three) actions :

  1. sign the campaign herebelow for open standards by answering the IDABC request for comment before September 15, 2007
  2. answer the request for comment of the European Commission request for comments on its websites, on CampaignECwebsites
  3. ask your friends to do the same.

Support open standards everywhere in all Europe

On June 29 2007, the European Commission agency IDABC published document written on contract by Gartner initiating the revision of the European Interoperability Framework (EIF) and the Architecture Guidelines (AG) .

The first version of this very important document has been published in 2004 and introduced a strong support and request for open standards and xml for the exchange of data between administrations within Europe, as well as with the citizens. This has been relayed and used in many countries to support open standards as well.

This is now threatened in this new report EIF v2.0 by Gartner

This second version, not yet endorsed by the European Commission, nor by the member states, but that could well enter soon such an endorsement process, wants to update the previous version of the European Interoperability Framework but, contrary to the first version, it threatens explictely the good process of more open standards that had been a long time push of IDABC.

On page 28, we can find

Allow open standards and other recognized standards to coexist

Gartner acknowledges the importance of open standards. IT vendors and system integrators should also recognize that open standards are the way to go. The era where proprietary standards lead to a sure base of loyal customers is fading away. IT is becoming just like any other industry where true added value and competitive pricing determine the winners.
Yet, Gartner recommends not to focus on the use of open standards per se. Whether open or not, standards are to further the deployment of public services. EIF v2.0 should facilitate the most profitable business model(s) of cost versus public value, under proper recognition of intellectual property rights, if any. The support for multiple standards allows a migration towards open standards when appropriate in the long run.

The use of 'free and open source' software may further the deployment of public services. However again, whether free and open source or not, it is the most viable software that should be allowed to survive in the infrastructure. So again, EIF v2.0 should facilitate multiple options to co-exist, and to compete.

These are unacceptable drawbacks from the previous "European Interoperability Framework for pan-European eGovernment Services" (Version 1.0, 2004, page 9) that promoted the use of open standards as defined in this European definition, the use of free and open source softwares as well as XML, the Extensible Markup Language.

Without our reactions, this could be inforced in the paper and thereafter be endorsed by the European Commission and made effective to the member states.

Hopefully, now, we, the civil society, have an opportunity to react effectively, has said in the report :

Everyone who sees interoperability as an effective means to come to better pan-European eGovernment services is invited to read the document and reflect on its content.

IDABC is interested in your reactions.

A summary of reactions (that reach us before September 15, 2007) will be published on the IDABC web-site ( and will constitute another input into the revision process.

Please help us with the following actions :

  1. read in details the documents such as EIF v2.0 by Gartner
  2. collect your remarks, constructive comments and the points that needs further attentions and discussions,
  3. collect your signatures of the associated campaign below, and your own constructive comments, and
  4. let your friends and contacts know that their inputs herein are effectively important.

Please help us translate this page to any languages of the countries of the European member states to broaden our reach, by going to
translate here

We shall send all these comments as a well as a printout of this campaign, that we shall bring personnally to IDABC direction, before September 15 2007. (most probably on Sept 13 or 14 2007).

Thanks you for your support help.

Please go and check the second part on CampaignECwebsites

Please go to CampaignECwebsites. This describes another important public consultation by the European Commission where our inputs are expected until July 31, 2007 and could be important … and do not forget to tell your friends to come and support the actions.

Thank you to support open standards and effective interoperability in Europe

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